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Horse & Ponies

  • Sultan




    “Sultan” was confiscated from its previous owner by a court order after somebody had filmed the daily fate of this black stallion. All his four legs were tied and the owner was shoeing and removing shoes 6-8 times a day. Normally horses are shoed once in every 8 weeks. Sultan was, however, used to produce ‘lucky horse shoes’ for people to buy and to place over their door to bring good luck. Since 2008 Sultan enjoyes peacefull life on the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge, grazing with his horse friends. Sultan’s care is sponsored by Animal Rahat.

    “Raksha” is an ex-racehorse abandoned on the streets of Ooty after her racing career and the subsequent fate living on the roadsides as a tourist riding horse were over. Dr. Gita Jayaram from Ooty has sponsored the rescue and retirement of Raksha in the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge. Unfortunately, the same can not happen to all the ex-racehorses abandoned among the dangers of the traffic, eating rubbish from rubbish bins.

    “Polo” came to us as a 5 days old foal after his mother refused to let him suckle milk. Polo’s owners were not willing to go through the trouble of feeding the foal so they left it with IPAN where we reared him on human baby milk substitute. Today, Polo is a much-loved pony who lets children to groom and walk him to teach the children many important matters about caring for animals.

    “Raja” is one of the many thousands of dancing horses in India. Rich people want to have dancing horses in their weddings. Unfortunately for the horses, the training that the horses are put through to become dancing horses is very cruel and many horses get injured badly. Raja was a dancing horse on the way to a wedding when he fell from the transporting truck and injured his back badly. For long time Raja was not able to walk, but now in the shelter he often joins the other horses for a joyful canter across the pastures. He is also very gentle horse and loves to be groomed.Raja's care is sponsored by Animal Rahat