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    Throughout South India, IPAN is well known for its dedicated and skilled team of humane animal handlers who catch free-roaming dogs on the streets with ‘butterfy nets’ for rabies vaccination (ARV) and/or spay/neuter surgery (ABC). Our team has been often requested to travel hundreds of kilometers to help to catch dogs for ABC-ARV work. The animal handlers are really important part of the IPAN team and we also want to demonstrate to everyone how working as an animal handler cum veterinary assistant– catching dogs to vaccinate them against rabies to save human as well as animal lives and assisting veterinarians to get dogs ready for surgery - is a respectable profession and a career worth considering for many young men.

    One way to raise the profile of this profession is our annual ‘Anti-Rabies Volleyball Cup’ where our animal handlers challenge other teams to play volleyball on the grounds of the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge.

    In this job, these young men learn many important teamwork skills and they also get to travel around India. In 2013 on a trip to the Pappinissery panchayat ABC program in Kannur district of Kerala many of our team got to see the ocean for the first time – and oh, how they enjoyed it!