This is a fantastic way for individuals as well as for companies, schools and other groups to become involved in practical work for animal and human welfare for just Rs. 10 000/year.

    Rabies kills hundreds or thousands of people in India – especially in the rural areas and the fear of rabies is the driving force to the neglect, cruelty and negative attitudes that people have against dogs. Sadly, the usual response to dog problems is the urge to kill them – and this often happens the most brutal ways one can imagine – even though killing of dogs in control of rabies is total waste of money and does not help at all. This has been shown again and again all over the world.

    Most of the human victims are children under 15 years of age. The solution to prevent these tragedies is simple – vaccinate all the dogs of the community every year against rabies. Lack of awareness in rabies control means that many owners don’t know about the need to have their dogs vaccinated annually and they often also lack the means to travel 5-10 km with their dog to the nearest government veterinary hospital for the injection. The approach that has to be taken and from which we at IPAN have lot of experience – is to go to the field, to these villages, and walk from house to house and vaccinate all the dogs. This is exactly the same what human nurses in India are doing to administer oral polio vaccine to all children. The nurses have succeeded well – Tamil Nadu is free from polio and soon entire India will be declared polio free.

    By demonstrating freedom from rabies, one village at a time, we deliver strong educational message about responsible ownership and care of dogs and will improve the image of the ‘ordinary country dog’ in addition to saving human lives. Together with Pasteur Institute of India Coonoor and the district health officials, we have initiated a plan to follow the instructions by OIE (www.oie.int) – the World Organisation for Animal Health to eventually declare the Nilgiris district as rabies free territory. With your support this can be reality that will continue and spread to other districts as well.

    You can be part of this work now. By an annual donation of Rs. 10 000, we will name one village anti-rabies vaccination drive after you and in 2-3 days of time vaccinate all the dogs of that village. With your continuing annual support, we will continue to vaccinate all the dogs in that village once a year in a very systematic manner. You will of course receive photos from the vaccination drive and you are also most welcome to attend it if you want.