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Few countries in the world can boast as diverse an array of wildlife as India. From the mountainous Himalayan region in the north to the lush rainforests of the country’s south, India’s varied ecosystems support flora and fauna of almost every conceivable kind.

This website provides a range of fascinating information about the countless animal species that inhabit the Indian subcontinent. From the celebrated Indian rhinoceros to the legendary Bengal tiger, readers will marvel at the multifarious creatures that have roamed this magical land since time immemorial.

Big Cats, Dangerous Reptiles

In the popular imagination, India is typically associated with elephants, but it also abounds with a large number of ‘big cats,’ including lions, tigers, and several species of leopard. The country is also home to at least three kinds of bear, two of which are indigenous to the Himalayan region.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, India also teems with several of the world’s most dangerous reptiles. These include the highly-venomous king cobra, the bamboo pit viper, the reticulated python (the world’s longest snake), and the saltwater crocodile.

Conservation Efforts

As a country, India remains committed to ensuring the survival of its extensive wildlife populations. Since the 1930s, the government has maintained an impressive system of nature preserves in response to poaching activities and continued urban encroachment.

This website is dedicated to the many extraordinary animal species of India, and the country’s ongoing efforts to ensure their continued existence for generations to come.