Ilona Otter writes about their life and the animals at the Hill View Farm in her blog [www.ottersofthehillviewfarm.weebly.com] sometimes in Finnish sometimes in English.

    The Hill View Farm Animal Refuge is not only the home of couple of hundreds of different animals – it is also the home of Nigel Otter and his family. Nigel, who grew up on a coffee estate in Karnataka and went to school in Coonoor, Nilgiris district, bought the 3 acres of land in Mavanalla and built a farm with his father in 1980s and then later on turned it in to an animal shelter. Nigel’s wife Ilona Otter is a Finnish veterinarian, whose passion is to improve animal health and welfare in India through veterinary skills development and inspiration. She leads the WVS International Training Center (www.wvsitc.org) near Ooty. Nigel and Ilona have two daughters (Emma and Saara) who have grown up in the animal shelter, learning to take care of animals there. The Otters are also acting as a support family to a homeless boy, Venkadesh.