• Silver Shoe Pony Club

    Silver Shoe Stables and the Silver Shoe Club is an initiative of Emma Otter, daughter of Nigel and Ilona. The Club encourages kids to get involved in animal care, demonstrating responsibility and compassion in action and to have fun with animals. “Silver Shoe’s Aladdin” is an orphan pony foal, whose mother died of colic (caused by plastic impaction) just one day after giving birth to Aladdin. The Silver Shoe Club named the male foal and took the responsibility to feed him. A newborn pony like Aladdin, requires to be fed once every two hours.

    Polo’s story is somewhat similar to Aladdin’s. His mother did not let him to suckle milk and the owners were not able to go on with the bottle feeding of the foal so they left the 5 days old baby pony to the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge in May 2009. Today, Polo is loved and well cared for by Emma and other kids who learn animal care at the Silve Shoe Pony Club. Emma and Polo also spend a lot of time together doing fun stuff to build up trust – Polo follows Emma freely in the riding ring.

    Dr. Urpu Sistonen from Finland, IPAN’s trusted volunteer vet who, since 2010 has come every year to spend 3.5 months with us, has been nominated as the Honorary Member of the Silver Shoe Club because of her work for IPAN and especially because of her enthusiasm and ideas for the pony activities for children.